Hello guys I have already copied your links on my new blog.

I will visit you soon….


God bless

new domain

I will add your links there soon…

Thanks everyone. I will also start visiting blogs again! (especially Russ’ blogs which I do really liked reading)


facebook and all

New Domain

Remember my dotcom?

I am going back on it but in a different domain.

It’s coming soon.

I’m okay

I broke up with Aldwin more than 2 weeks ago.

I told him I need to be on my own for a while and if he is sincere, he can come and visit me when he comes home in November and then we get to know each other more and start things normally.

He respects my decision and wishes me well and hopes to see me soon.

Since then I’m happier. Sincerely I’m happy.

I get back to volunteer works, having my own time, my music lessons and pray, pray pray more often not for God to give to my requests but more on thanking Him for loving me unconditionally.

Surprisingly, I did not know a very wounded person like me can inspire people. Lately, starting a few months ago, I was offered to give talks, or to facilitate, or to give workshops to youth officials of other parishes and then to the elders. I DID NOT INTEND TO MAKE THEM CRY BECAUSE IT WAS NOT PART OF WHAT I HAVE TO GIVE. I DID NOT SHARE TO THEM MY STORY OR ANY MUSHY STORIES but from the very start they could not stop crying because they felt my words rather GOD’S words. Now I am busier with more offers of giving talks and workshops etc and I’m happier.

Life is not that difficult at all if we know first that asking guidance is the basic thing to finding life’s purpose.

Je me d├ęteste

I hate myself for thinking of him and sometimes still missing him.

He still makes me cry when I remember him, damn it.

Sometimes when I remember him I force myself to think of Adi because it makes me feel guilty.

I hate myself so much for this DAMN IT.

These days I think about him more intensely again DAMN IT!

Baby Miguel


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